Generating a Web-site for your business using NowStudio

Business owners spend thousands of dollars to get semi-professional websites. Yet, even after spending so much money, the websites created are semi-functional without any integration with customer management and interactivity tools. Moreover, any changes require more investment and time. The other option for business owners is to try to learn web-development themselves but that is an long and expensive process. The drag-and-drop tools featured by many websites are painful and even after spending weeks, only marginally usable/functional website can be created. NowStudio can save you from all this trouble. You can get fully functional, interactive and beautiful websites in a mattr of minutes. you can perform ongoing mainetenance with ease. You can create blogs, new webpages, upload images, create galleries easily. Finally, the core operations are already integrated with the website. So when you make changes to your pricing, schedules, staff - then the website can be updated easily by the click of a button. So can you afford not to use NowStudio?

Setup WebPages

A default set of webpages will be created for you when you first create an account.

Create New Pages

For a blog pages, select category = "BLOG", for static pages setlect category = "STATIC_PAGE"

You can modify or delete the pages as you wish. Certain pages: prices, classes, staff cannot be deleted. You can choose to hide these pages if the page is not relevant for your business.

Update information about your business
In this step you will update NowStudio with products and services provided by your business.


Modify/Create new staff members from the setup menu and optionally add images.

Create Schedule/calendar for your business

The calendar will automatically be displayed on the website.

Creat prices, subscriptions and rates for your business.

These details will be automatically shown on the website.

Add Galleries
You can create a gallery for your business where you can show-case the products and services offered by your business.
Generate Website
Now, you are ready to generate the website. From Setup menu, select Website. Select an appropriate sitename.

Select a theme.

Customize the theme

By default, every theme will generate a clean and minimalistic website which is pleasant on the eyes. You can choose to customize the theme by providing background images, font sizes, font colors. If you choose to do so, it is advisable to choose contrasting colors for fonts and backgrounds.

Select the page to be shown as home-page. By default it is the HOME page.

Upload images for your website

Setup your logo and taglines

This can be done by editing the webpage name LOGO

Setup Social Media

Provide links to your social media pages and if you wish to enable comments on your website then provide the disqus id.

Click Submit to generate your website.

The website will be generated at

Purchase domain name from

You must purhcase or transfer your domain name from . Once the domain name process is completed ( in a matter of days) your website will be available at your chosen domain name.

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